Kitchen Table Talk

Program Overview

Kitchen Table Talk is a strength-based and capacity-building survivor and family-centred support program led by the Manitoba Métis Federation Sixties Scoop Wellness Centre ("the Wellness Centre").

The program focuses on creating healing opportunities based on personal choice, collaboration, and connection to develop coping and resilience strategies for survivors who experienced trauma.

The need to belong and be authentic is the process of healing. The program creates a safe environment where survivors can build kinship relationships rooted in Métis culture, language, and ways of knowing.

Program Goals

The goal of the program is to:

  • provide an opportunity for survivors to come together and reconnect with Red River Métis culture,
  • discuss important topics relevant to their healing journey, and
  • bring survivors together to share and learn in a safe and healing environment.

The program encourages survivors to develop the following:

  • a deep understanding of healing practices
  • a sense of belonging
  • the ability to reflect on all aspects of their lives and their positionality within the Métis community; and,
  • the ability to pass teachings to their immediate family members.

Program Activities

Talking Circles

Talking Circles is a group healing activity that brings survivors together in a safe and healing environment. Each participant can speak or remain quiet and learn from others' stories. An experienced Métis knowledge keeper facilitates the circle with mental health support on hand.

Cultural-Based Workshops

Cultural-based workshops bring survivors together to experience and learn more about their Métis culture. With assistance from a Métis cultural expert, survivors will take on a small project such as beading, weaving or land-based activities.

Information Sessions

Information sessions assist survivors in achieving their "coming home" objectives. In these sessions, survivors can ask questions directly to the individual facilitator. Some available sessions include information on attaining their Manitoba Métis Federation citizenship card, programs and services provided to citizens, and services offered by the Wellness Centre.

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