Register for your Métis citizenship!

We invite you to register for Métis citizenship. Having your Métis citizenship allows you access to important programs and services offered by your Métis Government and can be a way for you to learn more about your Métis ancestry.

To register, please visit the MMF Central Registry Office or go directly to the online form located here

The Manitoba Métis Federation Sixties Scoop Wellness Centre is here to support you in completing the citizenship application process. Forms can be downloaded from the Registry's website or can be mailed to you if you are unable to print the form. Form links are also found below.

Please contact the Wellness Centre by phone or email for any questions or assistance.

Citizenship Harvester Application - Revised-January-2021

Citizenship Harvester Application - Revised January 2021 (FR)

Download the Citizenship/Harvester Transfer Region/Local Form

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